Sonu Sood Rescued Girls: Sonu Sood gets 117 girls stranded in Kerala after migrant

Sonu Sood Rescued Girls: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been the messiah for the diaspora these days, which the government or no one else could do, Sonu Sood showed it. So far, Sonu Sood has sent more than 12000 people to his house via bus, only Sonu is being discussed on social media.

 Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is seen as the messiah of people trapped in Mumbai these days. Actually, the trapped people in Mumbai are arranging Sonu Sood bus to reach their home, as well as their food and drink. Sonu is being applauded for this noble step everywhere. Sonu Sood has now also issued a toll-free number, on which people can easily contact them by calling. Whoever is expressing their trouble with social media through Sonu Sood, Sonu is fully helping them.

Once again, Sonu Sood has done something, due to which his generosity is being praised everywhere. Actually, the whole matter is that the girls trapped in Kerala have now been airlifted by Sonu Sood. By doing this, Sonu Sood has proved that he is standing in this opposite position with every person. Actually, after the help of migrant laborers, recently, Sonu Sood has also helped some girls trapped in Kerala. 

Sonu has airlifted 177 girls of Odisha trapped in Kerala on Friday amid lockdown. A source close to Sonu Sood has given this information. Talking to PTI, Sonu said that 117 girls of Odisha who were trapped in Ernakul have been airlifted. Let us tell you that these girls used to do embroidery and sewing work in a local factory in Ernakulam.

The factory was closed due to the announcement of lockdown across the country, and the girls were stuck there. As soon as Sonu came to know about this through a friend, he took permission from the government to operate Kochi and Bhubaneswar Airport. After getting the permission, the actor specially ordered the aircraft from Bengaluru and sent the girls to their house.

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