PM Modi calls soldiers his family, praises them for keeping border safe

Prime minister Narendra Modi on Sunday observed Diwali with warriors close to Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir‘s Rajouri locale. PM Modi dispersed desserts to the troopers and called them his family. The executive hailed the troopers for keeping up an exacting vigil on the fringes in any event, during celebrations.

“It is a convention that individuals observe Diwali with their families. I additionally chose to praise it with my family. I have come here to commend it with you. You are my family,” PM Modi said while tending to a social affair of the armed force workforce

PM Modi said that while standard individuals consider their families first, troopers consistently put mother India first and deal with the security of 130 crore Indians. “The nation and your obligation start things out in your need. Every other thing stands after that. In any case, at the hour of the celebration, relatives need you to observe Diwali with them however you continue guarding our fringes,” he said.

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