• Play It Safe by Investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit The recent the economic downtrend has not been too favourable for investors, especially with the latest turn of events. The Union Budget was announced recently, and prices for several consumer goods increased due to a hike in taxes. Added to this is the RBI’s surprise move of repo rate reduction in June
  • दुनिया में सबसे ज्यादा इन देशों के लोग हैं सेक्सुअली एक्टिव दुनिया में ऐसे बहुत से देश हैं जो एडल्ट डेस्टिनेशन के कारण मशहूर हैं. लेकिन आज हम आपको बता रहे हैं कि 2018 में दुनिया के वे कौन से देश हैं जहां के लोग सबसे ज्यादा सेक्सुअली एक्टिव हैं. फोटोः गूगल फ्री इमेज
  • पेरिस फैशन में ब्रालेस ड्रेसेज का रहा ट्रेंड, देखें तस्वीरें पेरिस में स्प्रिंग/समर 2019 रेडी टू वियर फैशन कलेक्शन की थीम से पेरिस फैशन वीक का आयोजन किया जा रहा है. इस फैशन शो में इस बार कई नए ट्रेंड्स देखने को मिले. आज हम आपको बता रहे हैं ऐसे 4 नए ट्रेंड जिसने पेरिस फैशन वीक में चार चांद लगा दिए. फोटोः एपी
  • Discovery helps fight against drug-resistant TB A team of scientists has identified a naturally occurring antibiotic that may help in the fight against drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB). Each year, approximately 10 million people fall ill with tuberculosis and around 1.7 million die from the devastating disease worldwide. One of the main antibiotics for TB is rifampicin, however, many strains of the tuberculosis-causing bacteria - Mycobacterium tuberculosis - have developed resistance to it.
  • Vitamin D supplements linked to weight loss in children According to a study, Vitamin D supplements could promote weight loss in obese children. It may also help in reducing the risk factors for future heart and metabolic disease in overweight kids.
  • Does hunger affect your mood? Turns out, hangry (bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger) isn't just a made-up term. According to a new research, the sudden drop in glucose we experience when we are hungry can impact our mood.
  • Gurugram – The Emerging Entertainment Hub Gurugram has become a leading entertainment hub of NCR with the third-highest per capita income in India. Situated on Delhi border, the millennium city is rapidly developing into an entertainment hub. With a number of multiplexes, pubs, restaurants, cinema halls, discotheques and shopping malls inundating the city, entertainment in Gurugram can surely make you ecstatic.

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