• Forevermark Unveils a Series of Six Short Films Telling the Incredible Journey of Moving Giants For World Elephant Day 2019, Forevermark, the jewel brand from De Beers Group, is eager to divulge a convincing six-section short film arrangement uncovering the epic voyage of one of the world's cornerstone species as they set out on one of the biggest and longest translocations at any point embraced in South Africa. 
  • Schmitten's Rakshabandhan - a Fusion of Tradition and Modernism Slender strings meshed with undying adoration decorating the hands of siblings, sisters decked up to match the celebrations; Rakshabandhan marks the solidarity of kin and their delightful bond. It is put stock in Hindu culture that by tying a string on this promising day, sisters look for unlimited love, backing, and assurance from their siblings. 
  • Rockwell Automation to Help Indian Manufacturers Bridge Employee 4.0 Industry Skill Gaps On the finishing up day of the Rockwell Automation 2019 TechEd India, the world's biggest organization devoted to modern computerization and data reported its arrangements to help accomplice producers in India prepare their workforce better in working with changing innovations and scaffold Industry 4.0 expertise holes by offering e-learning, educator drove courses, testament projects, and preparing workstations. 
  • A Delhi Boy's Initiative to Connect Donors and NGOs Through His Online Platform Making Big Impact India has around 3.2 million enlisted Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) – that is a larger number of NGOs per capita than emergency clinic beds in the nation. They run different projects to address issues like improvement and welfare of youngsters, youth, little youngsters, ladies, individuals with inabilities and independent individuals from the geriatric populace.
  • Hyundai - The Brand With A Cause Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF), the altruistic arm of Hyundai Motor India Ltd today reported the beginning of the fifth Phase of 'Safe Move-Mega Road Safety Campaign'. 
  • WPP Foundation Wins Multiple Awards at the International CSR Excellence Awards 2019 WPP Foundation, the CSR element of WPP India, was today perceived at the International CSR Excellence Awards 2019 with various honors, including a Gold honor under the class of "Huge Companies Initiatives", a Silver honor for their Socio-Economic Activities just as being assigned as a "CSR World Leader". 
  • UP Police Drives Female Hygiene With Niine UP Police is connecting and driving improvement in young lady and ladies framework offices in its institutes, schools, and police headquarters. While trying to give improved menstrual cleanliness and sterile napkin accessibility, a clean machine and an incinerator were introduced at Police Modern School, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, as a team with Niine Foundation.
  • Driving the Digital Home Learning Segment - Extramarks Shows the Way The 21st century students have exceptional needs and requests of their own. They favor learning at their very own pace and space, enabled extraordinarily by access to an individual cell phone or tablet gadget. Study hall tedium can drive them away from learning.
  • तीन तलाक से मुस्लिम महिलाओं को आजादी, राज्यसभा से बिल पास, 84 के मुकाबले पक्ष में पड़े 99 वोट मुस्लिम महिलाओं से एक साथ तीन तलाक को अपराध करार देने वाला ऐतिहासिक विधेयक राज्यसभा से भी पारित हो गया है। इसके साथ ही इस बिल के कानून बनने का रास्ता साफ हो गया है। राष्ट्रपति से मंजूरी मिलने के बाद यह कानून के तौर पर लागू हो जाएगा। उच्च सदन में इस बिल के पक्ष में 99 वोट पड़े, जबकि 84 सांसदों ने इसके विरोध में मतदान किया।
  • ई-कॉमर्स-केंद्रित ब्‍लॉकचेन ऐबे ने अनुकूलन को अपनाने की घोषणा की 30 जुलाई, 2019 – ऐबे फाउंडेशन ने आज दुनिया के पहले ई-कॉमर्स केंद्रित फास्‍ट ब्‍लॉकचेन की अनुकूलन दरों की घोषणा की है। यह घोषणा इसकी सार्वजनिक रिलीज की पहली वर्षगांठ पर की गई है। ऐबे के डॉ. सिप्रियन पुंगीला, मुख्‍य वैज्ञानिक एवं सह-रचनाकार ने कहा, "30 जुलाई 2018 को ऐबे की सार्वजनिक पेशकश के बाद से, हमने शुरुआती 12 महीनों के भीतर एक लाख से अधिक सक्रिय उपयोक्‍ताओं को एकत्रित किया गया है। ऐबे की वृद्धि दर बिटक्‍वॉइन की शुरुआती वृद्धि से आठ गुणा से अधिक आगे निकल गई है। 
  • Goodbye Starbucks Launches 'Meet Me at Starbucks' Campaign to Celebrate 150th Store Milestone in India Goodbye Starbucks Private Limited reported the dispatch of the 'Meet Me at Starbucks' battle to commend its 150th store achievement in India. Going with the celebratory dispatch is an inspiring video that catches genuine snapshots of human association – where clients want espresso, remain for the warm and inviting condition, and return for certifiable human association. 
  • Grant Test 'ATSE 2019' to Be Held on August 4, 11 for Classes IV to XII ATSE 2019, the primary ever online grant test, will be hung on August 4 and 11, 2019. The test date for understudies of class 9-12 is August 04, 2019, while, the understudies of class 4-8 will step through the exam on August 11, 2019. Aglasem Talent Search Exam will be held in a solitary space on each date. The individuals who have connected are being hinted of their test date and time by means of SMS and email. 
  • India Successfully Launches Chandrayaan-2, Aims to Become First to Probe Lunar South Pole India on Monday effectively propelled its second moon mission Chandrayaan-2 from its most dominant rocket with an arrangement to arrive the wanderer on September 7 in the unexplored lunar south shaft, precisely seven days after the liftoff was prematurely ended because of a specialized tangle. 
  • Avail Multi-Deposit Facility by Investing in Bajaj Finance FD Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is currently offering multi-store offices to enable financial specialists to stepping stool their speculations effectively. You would now be able to put resources into up to 5 FDs with a solitary check, wherein you can pick various tenors and intermittent payout frequencies. 
  • Play It Safe by Investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit The recent the economic downtrend has not been too favourable for investors, especially with the latest turn of events. The Union Budget was announced recently, and prices for several consumer goods increased due to a hike in taxes. Added to this is the RBI’s surprise move of repo rate reduction in June
  • LOK SABHA ELECTIONS RESULT LIVE UPDATES Lok Sabha election results 2019 LIVE UPDATES: The process of counting of votes will begin from 8 am onwards and results are expected only by late evening.
  • India Demands Safe Return of IAF Wing Commander Captured By Pakistan India-Pak Tensions LIVE : Acknowledging that an IAF wing commander is in Pakistan custody, the government has in a strongly worded statement objected to Pakistan military’s “vulgar display” of the injured pilot. The statement came moments after Pakistan military said it has one Indian pilot in custody. Hours earlier, he had claimed Pakistan had arrested two IAF personnel. Major General Asif Ghafoor, the chief of Pakistan military’s media wing, had earlier in the day released the service number o
  • नागपुर : ब्रह्मोस यूनिट में PAK की घुसपैठ, ISI एजेंट गिरफ्तार देश के सुरक्षा प्रतिष्ठान में एक बड़ी चूक उजागर हुई है. उत्तर प्रदेश के आतंक निरोधी दस्ते ने नागपुर स्थित ब्रह्मोस यूनिट ने एक कर्मचारी को जासूसी के आरोप में गिरफ्तार किया है. गिरफ्तार युवक पाकिस्तानी खुफिया एजेंसी आईएसआई का एजेंट बताया गया है. इस गिरफ्तारी के बाद सुरक्षा एजेंसियों में हड़कंप मच गया है.
  • BJP Reaction To Sidhu\'s Pak Hug Is Typical Every culture has its own form of greeting. The Maoris rub noses. Indians put their palms together with the Sanskritised saying \"Namshkar\", \"Namaskar\" or \"Namaste\", the Dravidians saying, \"Vanakkam\". The Japanese bow low. The Europeans and Americans shake hands, but male and female friends lightly brush the cheek of the other sex. Arab males kiss each other on the cheek. In Pakistan, the muhajir - immigrant from India - is often the butt-end of jokes for repeatedly salaaming and mutterin
  • Here are some lessons from Kerala on tackling crises: Unlike what usually happens during a disaster, the Kerala government has not faced severe criticism for what went wrong on the ground. Popular perception has been that the political class, bureaucracy, civil society and of course the people of Kerala worked well together to overcome the adversity.

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