Viral map of India shows the wrong bifurcation of J&K

On August 5 this year, with the annulment of Article 370, the President of India requested bifurcation of the recent province of Jammu and Kashmir. Two Union regions of J&K and Ladakh were conceived.

The new guide of India was discharged by the Survey General of India on October 31. From that point forward, another guide of India with a bifurcated J&K has been shared generally via web-based networking media.

Numerous Facebook clients shared a guide of India alongside a case in Hindi, which in English means, “New guide of new India which is a look at one India, best India.” The guide shows the past territory of J&K partitioned into two practically equivalent parts. The viral guide has a ‘copyright 2019’ composed on it.

We had discovered that the valid guide discharged by the administration is not quite the same as the viral guide. The association domain of Ladakh is bigger than J&K in the genuine guide.

We found that the site ‘Maps of India‘ has a viral guide. The filed rendition can be seen here. Directly over the guide, the site plainly says, “We are anticipating changes without anyone else sites and authority notice. The limits are illustrative. Allude to legitimate maps from GOI.”

Earlier, Viral and latest map of India difference image

We looked at the Internet for the most recent political guide of India and found that Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh had tweeted a photograph of the most recent guide indicating “the Union Territories of #Jammu and #Kashmir and #Ladakh, as these exist after 31st October 2019.”

Unmistakably, the guide of India that has been shared by numerous internet based life clients isn’t the official guide of India. The viral picture is just a delineation.

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