Delhi Election Results 2020 Live: Kejriwal wins hat-trick with 62 seats, BJP is reduced to 8

Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal, who landed in Delhi elections, has put a hat-trick on the development agenda. BJP fell face-down in AAP’s storm. While the Congress was swept for the second time in a row, the magic of Arvind Kejriwal once again made the heads of the Delhiites speak. After winning 62 seats out of 70, the party is going to form the government for the third time in a row. 

Subhash Chopra: I am responsible for the defeat of Congress.

Taking responsibility for the defeat of Congress in Delhi Assembly elections, State President Subhash Chopra said, “We will review the reasons behind the defeat.” The decline in our votes was due to the politics of polarization between BJP and AAP. Three months ago, I took over as the state president and worked beyond my capacity. If anyone is responsible for the defeat, I am. Chopra said, Congress has always stood against communal forces and we will keep fighting against BJP till the end.

‘Zero’ Congress, Delhi Pradesh President Resigns

Subhash Chopra has resigned from the post of President of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, taking responsibility for the bad ’00’ of Congress in Delhi Assembly Elections. Subhash Chopra said I take responsibility for the defeat of Congress in the Delhi Assembly. Time was short but I tried my best. I have not seen such politics before that people were impressed with the AAP advertisement and voted. 

PM Modi congratulated, Kejriwal said- Thank you sir .. will work together

Arvind Kejriwal has been congratulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after winning a landslide victory in the Delhi Assembly elections. In response, Kejriwal also thanked him and hoped to cooperate with him to make Delhi a world-class city. Kejriwal tweeted, ‘Thank you very much sir. I look forward to working with the Center to make our Capital City a world-class city. ‘

Rahul congratulated KejriwalFormer Congress president Rahul Gandhi has congratulated Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the Delhi Assembly elections. Rahul tweeted and said, ‘Congratulations to Kejriwal and AAP on winning the Delhi Assembly elections and my best wishes’. The Aam Aadmi Party, which is making power, water, education, and development its electoral issue in Delhi, appears to be in a very strong position in the counting trends going on since Tuesday morning and there are signs of its coming to power for the third consecutive time. At the same time, in this election, AAP’s main rival BJP is at number two and Congress has no far-fetched mark.

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