Elizabeth Smart says she was sexually assaulted on an airplane last year

Hijacking survivor Elizabeth Smart said Thursday that her new self-preservation program was made after a man ambushed her on a plane the previous summer.

Keen, who was kidnapped and held hostage for nine months when she was 14 years of age, said in a meeting with “CBS This Morning” that an unidentified man attacked her while she rested on a Delta flight a year ago to Utah.

“I had been sleeping and, out of nowhere, I woke up in light of the fact that I felt somebody’s hand focusing on between my legs, on my inward thigh,” Smart told CBS’ Gayle King on Thursday.

She said that she anticipated that the man should stop and apologize yet that he didn’t utter a word to her.

Brilliant, 32, told “NBC Nightly News” on Thursday that she was in finished stun and felt as though she ought to have been exceptional ready to react given her history.

“I’m Elizabeth Smart,” she said. “I should recognize what to do, and at that point, I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what to do.”

Keen said she was at first reluctant to stand up however felt it was essential to share what occurred.

“What at last drove me to share this story in the open spotlight and put it out there is on the grounds that I have met such a large number of other ladies, and this experience for me just truly reminded me how helpless we as a whole are as ladies, as young ladies,” Smart disclosed to NBC News.

Delta affirmed in an announcement to NBC News on Thursday that Smart connected with the carrier to advise it that another traveler had acted improperly to her. The aircraft said it doesn’t endure traveler unfortunate behavior.

“We paid attention to the issue and have kept on helping out Ms. Brilliant and the fitting specialists as the issue is explored,” Delta said.

Shrewd said that she likewise reached the FBI and that there is an open examination.

The FBI said it couldn’t verify or refute the presence of an examination.

Keen was taken at knifepoint in her nightwear from her Salt Lake City room in 2002 by Brian David Mitchell, who kept her hostage with his better half, Wanda Barzee. Mitchell is carrying out a real existence punishment for grabbing and assaulting Smart, while Barzee was discharged from jail in 2018 in the wake of being indicted for her job in the snatching.

Keen has become a candid supporter against kid kidnappings. In 2011, she established the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, committed to ladies and young ladies who face misuse and sexual brutality.

Brilliant said she started to prepare in self-preservation with a dear companion after the assault, which assisted with rousing her new self-protection program for ladies and young ladies, Smart Defense.

“It doesn’t make a difference what your identity is, what you’re wearing. None of those things matter on the off chance that you are manhandled or exploited,” she said. “It’s not your flaw, and you reserve each option to safeguard yourself, to deal with yourself, to do what you have to do to remain safe.”

SOURCE: “CBS This Morning” & “NBC news”

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